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Lila Robinson

Lila was born with a passion for crafting. Growing up surrounded by the vibrant landscapes of her hometown, she found inspiration in every delicate petal of wildflowers to the rugged texture of aged tree bark. Lila’s inherent crafting dreams and her artistic journey is a testament to her boundless imagination. From whimsical watercolor paintings that capture fleeting moments, to intricately designed handcrafted jewelry that tells stories of cultures and traditions, Lila’s portfolio is a testament to her diverse skill set.

Lila’s artistic endeavors are deeply rooted in a fusion of cultural influences, reflecting her love for global aesthetics.  Her unique ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements results in pieces that resonate with a broad audience.  

The ArtHouse Project I, in cooperation with Art is Here Partnership, is proud to have Lila Robinson as one of our resident artists. 

Lila Robinson headshot