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Todd Derr

Todd was born and raised in a small Southern Indiana town where he was a curious and adventurous youngster, drawn to exploring the woods and creeks near his home. He also had an interest in drawing and painting which was encouraged but throttled with practical thinking that he should pursue a career that would provide a living.

After a year of college, Todd dropped his classes and joined the Air Force to expand his adventures and learn to work on fighter planes. All the while, art remained a part of his pursuits. Drawing technical illustrations of aircraft for personal enjoyment and taking on an occasional commission.

After his time in the military, he returned home and worked as a mechanic and technician in local businesses, but always thinking that someday he would love to be a full time artist. At the rip old age of 30’ish, Todd quit his day job and became a vagabond of sorts and focused on art, watercolors and airbrush at that time. He started a cottage business of custom painting on motorcycles, race cars, helmets, and other things that kept him busy for a few years and was becoming quite successful at that until a downturn in the economy saw a drastic reduction in that type of work. So, he and his wife decided he should stay home, care for their two children, and work on his fine art painting. He is still doing that today, but the kids have grown and on their own, and he has taken on a full time job as a contractor at Watts Bar Nuclear, while still painting every chance he gets.

Todd is an award winning painter, most recently winning a $1300 museum purchase award at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art in Kentucky for his plein air painting there.

His work is owned by private collectors all over the country, Great Britain, and Australia.

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